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International Center for Remote Sensing Education, Inc.

Mission Statement The mission of the International Center for Remote Sensing Education, Inc.(ICRSEdu) is to provide leadership in the application and technical transfer of appropriate spatial data and information technology to the professional workforce and society at large. ICRSEd's focus has been to assist in consolidating myriad technical information and expert human resources to provide the highest quality educational support resources for multiple users at varying levels of need using the most advanced methods of the Internet and computing industry to deliver and update these resources. National and international research and education institutions have benefited from the ICRSEd's hallmark offering of the web-based structured core curriculum for remote sensing. ICRSEd is dedicated to pursing the application of spatial information systems technology to promote and enhance community-based decision support with goals of sustainability and improvement of human well-being.

ICRSE is a not-for-profit corporation, registered as a 501 c (3) in the state of Maryland.

Remote Sensing Core Curriculum

Mission Statement: The goal of the Remote Sensing Core Curriculum (RSCC) has been to provide the resources to support a state-of-the-practice educational experience for use at national and international academic institutions. The RSCC program was developed to meet the needs for a national-level core curriculum as defined by The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) members in cooperation with the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA), National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and Earth Observation Satellite Company (EOSAT). This curriculum currently represents a collection of the highest quality resource materials available in this dynamic technological field for use at collegiate levels. RSCC was initiated under a NASA grant to a consortium of experts from academe and industry.

Board of Directors

Timothy Foresman

Vice President:
Nickolas Faust

Treasurer and Secretary:
Joyce Foresman

Allan Falconer
Christopher Lee
Cheri Faust